Game Killer App For Windows Computer PC

Game killer app for windows computer

The game killer app is an Android app for hacking. This app is used to hack or modify coins, gems, etc of Android games. The game killer app uses the technique of memory modification. This app provides a powerful support to gaming. The game killer app has been downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide. This wide popularity made it one of the most downloaded app.

That game killer app is one of the best application which is used for cracking game scores of Games. The game killer application is available for android only.

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Benefits of Game Killer APK on Computer,

The Game killer app provides you the hacking points for the game. It is an Android app. Most of The Gamers play their games on their computers and laptops. As hacking the gaming points is efficient and useful feature a gamer may feel discarded. The game killer app can be downloaded on PCs, providing the game an absolute privilege of hacking the game points of the game he is playing.

Game killer app for windows computer

Game killer app for windows computer

By using the game killer app on laptop or computers the efficiency and the feeling of the middle game actually upgrades. Most of the game are prefer to play a game on their laptop them on their android small screen.


  1. Start by installing Bluestack on your computer. If you had already had Bluestack in your PC then terminate this step.
  2. Then type game killer app on the searching tab of Blue stack, tap on install game killer app for PC.

3.After installing the app just use it in the same way that you do on your Android. All the features all the setup is exactly the same as the Android game killer app. You have successfully installed Gamekiller app on your PC

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Features of the game killer app that is very useful for a gamer and would be available for PC download:-

  • It can search game which is worth with exact number
  • It can search the game value will unclear directions that is bigger smaller etc
  • One can lock the video game value to a repair number
  • You also have an option to save or load the taken care off list
  • It provide an exclusive feature through which the gamer could touch the game killer sprite to bring back the device during gaming
  • It also provide HEX edit
  • The user can also upload the code
  • The feature that attracts the most is the fixing of bugs.


Games on which the app works:

Game killer app books only on the offline game right now. This is because online games are very hard to hack online game require the hacking of the server as well which is quite secure and could not easily be hacked by the Android apps such as game killer. Advanced knowledge of hacking and programming are needed to have such kind of games moreover, such kind of hacking also requires a huge amount of time and patience so make sure that you used the game killer app only on offline games

The game killer app is among violation of google rules so it is only available to the design and manufacture. We SOFDL the user to provide the latest version of the app with just one click.

So, free download the game killer app for free points and make you give me a real fun on PC without any irritation of playing on small screen or confusing button tapping. Install download and enjoy the exclusive features of gaming.

ShowBox For Windows PC ( Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 )


There are so many networks which offer you online streaming but none of them is free of use and not really good to use. Even if you can find any free service, then the video quality you watch is much worse than torrents.

ShowBox app is one of the best online streaming apps for watching Movies and TV Shows. It has been released for few of the mobile platforms and allows users to stream shows online. Showbox is the film investment, production, and distribution branch of Mediaplex, Inc., the entertainment arm of Orion Group. Its main competitors for domestic box office are CJ Entertainment, Lotte Entertainment, and Nex Entertainment World (NEW).




Showbox will play all your selected videos online and does not eat your storage space. It streams directly without taking much space from your device. The app has got a very easy to understand Interface, allowing to stop, play, rewind, forward and monitor progress bar.

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ShowBox app has been made available for Android and some other OS only. But we can use an emulator like Bluestacks to get it on PC and run it comfortably. Some of the Showbox features are given below:

  • It is a free to download app from unknown source
  • It is considered to be very comfortable to use and stream Movies
  • It can stream Movies and TV Shows easily without draining much data.
  • It has a collection of million of Movies and TV Shows, a wide variety to choose from.
  • The App interface is smooth and easy to use as well
  • Download Showbox on PC using Bluestacks.


Follow the given below steps to download and install ShowBox app for Windows PC easily. All you need to do is to follow given below and install the app.

  • First, you have to download Bluestacks Android Emulator from the official site for safe loading.
  • Now you need to download ShowBox app APK file
  • Now you have to click on ShowBox APK file, right-click on it and select “Open With” option
  • After that, select to install with Bluestacks Player and let the app install
  • After the app gets installed, restart your blue stacks android emulator
  • Once blue stacks loads you can see the Showbox app in the main menu of blue stacks emulator like below

Double tap on Showbox app and enjoy watching movies and tv series for free

Showbox app provides an exclusive feature of downloading movies and seasons but it is quite uneasy to watch a movie on small screen Android phone. So by downloading the Showbox app on PC, you can enjoy the movie with more than two friends or adjust the laptop according to your convenience not because you don’t have any options.

All you have to do is download Showbox app to watch your favorite movie and serial on PCs at your own convenience.

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Shareit For PC Free Download


SHAREit is an app for sharing files any files, it may be images, videos, movies etc. This app is the best way to share data very quickly. It allows users to transfer files from one device to another. This is better than old technologies like USB, Bluetooth etc in terms of speed. It just takes seconds to transfer any files.



It is a free application from Lenovo that allows Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices to transfer files directly by ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections.It also allows users to transfer files between Android and IOS, PC or MAC. This free app is available for almost all versions of PC, Windows, android etc.


SHAREit for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, Now Follow these steps very carefully to get the share it app on your Computer/ PC

  • Firstly you have to download the SHAREit app from the official site.
  • Click on the download bar after downloading the file download the file.
  • Shareit .exe file is downloading on your PC computer
  • After downloading, now open the .exe file and follow the setup wizard by clicking on ” Run ” button
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the shareit PC and continue the process by clicking on ‘ Accept ’ button.
  • Then the installation starts on the computer, after completion click on ” Next ” button.
  • The application will run automatically after clicking on ” Finish ” button when it appears it indicates that you have installed the share it files sharing application on your gadget successfully.
  • Now connect this app with your android, iOS, Blackberry / even PC device(s) and enjoy fastest, unlimited file sharing application in the world.



  • Sharing

You can easily share or transfer files at any time at high speeds with your friends and enjoy.  This considered being one of the best apps that fall in user-friendly app

  • Secure and Private


This app is completely safe and helps you protect user’s privacy.

  • User Friendly

The app is easy to use. This can share any file in few clicks. Remember the days you connect your mobile to another device using Bluetooth. Those days are no more. SHAREit just changed the process of sharing and transferring files from one device to another.

  • Faster than Fastest

This app is the fastest way to transfer files. The days where you click share or send and wait for hours for the file to transfer are over. SHAREit app transferring speed is as high as 10 to 15 MBPS. This is much faster than Bluetooth and can even share 1 GB data in few seconds from any device to any device with the particular range.

In Windows, there is Bluetooth when we have to transfer pictures, music, videos etc from phone to laptop then this takes a lot and lot of time and gives no security that the process would be completed. Share it help to transfer all day pictures music videos to the laptop in just a few seconds.

Shareit is a preferable transfer app which transfers the media in short period of time. The app offers faster speed than Bluetooth and NFC, counted among totally secure app and considering the type of connection it uses to transfer files.

WhatsApp For Computer PC ( WhatsApp Web )

WhatsApp For Computer PC

Whatsapp is the most famous messaging application right now in the smartphone world with nearly 1 billion active users worldwide. WhatsApp is the most used app all around the world. Mostly we use WhatsApp to chat or call.

But sometimes it is inconvenient to use WhatsApp on the phone because most of our professional work is done on PCs. So we have to, again and again, transfer all files from laptop our computer to our friends and then again from phone to our laptops. That takes off a lot of time and the work is delayed for no reason.

Show there is an exclusive feature through which you can download WhatsApp on your PCs. So no more working on two gadgets when you can complete the work on one.  It would be smarter to get  WhatsApp on PC and get the same information delivered to your computer any time of day.


Benefits of downloading the WhatsApp app on PCs:-

  • WhatsApp for PC is you don’t have to own a separate account in case you carry on with the joining fee.
  • It is accessible to personal computer with a very simple procedure
  • It’s basically having your own desktop-mobile version of WhatsApp Place overseas calls on mobile number
  • It has no long distance charges
  • It provide you with calling, leaving a message or seeing each other face to face
  • It also shows a time stamp and lets you know if the message was already viewed by the recipient
  • It provide you an exclusive feature of sending and sharing of location via GPS
  • You can also customize a short list of replies to use when your hands are busy.
  • You can also send attach media files to your message
  • It has a wider user coverage

You may easily install WhatsApp on your PC the methods to download and install WhatsApp on different types of PCs are given below:


To install on Windows 8+

  1. On your computer’s browser, navigate to the download page to download the .exe file.
  2. Once the download is complete, open WhatsApp.exe to install WhatsApp on your computer.
  3. When the install is complete, launch WhatsApp on your computer and scan the QR code for the log in purpose.


To install on Mac OSX 10.9+

  1. On your computer’s browser, navigate to the download page to download the .zip file.
  2. Once the download is complete, open the zip file to run
  3. On your first install, the application will prompt if you would like to add WhatsApp to your Applications folder and your desktop dock.
  4. When the install is complete, launch WhatsApp on your computer and scan the QR code to log in.


You can also download and install it via Apple App Store

To scan the QR code

  • On Android: Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On Windows Phone 8.0+: Chats screen  then Menu then WhatsApp Web.

Note: ARM processors and Linux based systems are not supported.

Download the app from any of the referred sites and then follow the above procedure to install it on your PCs

There are many ways to download WhatsApp on PCs but considered the above meth

WhatsApp For Computer PC

WhatsApp For Computer PC

od to install. You can also download through Andy or BlueStacks


  • Optional location sharing feature
  • Share contacts within the application
  • Customisable wallpapers
  • Sound notifications for the message
  • Chat history can be reviewed on the registered Email
  • Multi-messaging feature lets you send generic messages to several contacts simultaneously

PCs automatically notifies and recognizes WhatsApp contacts to maximize its full function. You don’t have to carry around your phone all day with data connection ON  just because you’re expecting an important call. It safely transitions settings to PC as well as your contact list so there’s no need to manually store all of them one by one. It’s the same mobile account but only bigger, better and brighter than before.

To download WhatsApp on your PC and eliminate all the unnecessary problems you suffer because your mobile is incapable of performing certain actions. Download and enjoy WhatsApp.

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